Frequently ask questions

Where is the store located?
You can buy our bags only online now.

How can I get more information about the products?
Our production information can be found on our website by navigating to the “Are you interested in the details” and “Do you want to know more” pages.
If you need further information our colleagues are happy to answer your questions at shop@petrity.com.

Can you recommend products to me?
Our colleagues are happy to help you choose the most suitable piece, which is perfect in color and size. Feel free to reach out to us at shop@petrity.com.

How can I check the price of a product?
You can find the pricing of all our products on our webshop. If you need further clarification please reach out to our colleagues who can help you identify the piece you are looking for. Send us an email at shop@petrity.com for more information about our prices.

Can I buy products right now?
For immediate purchases please visit our store in Budapest. Products ordered on the website take up-to 35-40 business days to be ready.

I sent an e-mail but received no response. What should I do?
Our colleagues are continuously processing the emails, if you haven't received a response within 24 hours please try re-sending the email or check your spam map.

I ordered a piece, when can I expect to receive it?
The production of our products can take up-to 35-40 business days. We are sending you status updates when the production started/finished and you can also track it on our website. In case we cannot fulfill your request within 35-40 business days we will let you know after your order submission.

What are the steps of processing an order?
After ordering the product you will receive an automated e-mail which contains your personal information, shipping and billing information and payment information. Once the payment of the product is settled the manufacturing process gets started. You can track this process by clicking on the “TRACK” button in the e-mail. As soon as your product is finished it is going to be delivered according to the selected delivery method or you can pick it up personally in our store. Should you have any questions about the ordering process please call us during store hours (+36202876819) or send an email to shop@petrity.com to get further information.

What payment methods do you accept?
Orders submitted in our webshop can be paid with bank transfer or by cash on delivery.

Where can I find the receipt?
You can find the receipt next to the product for both delivery and in store pickup.

What delivery methods do you offer?
Our products are delivered by GLS Delivery Service.

Can I pick up the bag in person?
Yes, you can pick up your orders in our store in Budapest. We will notify you in email about the manufacturing status as well as the exact date of pick up. You can also check yourself by selecting the “TRACK” button on our website.

I need information about my order.
To make your order processing interactive we created a page where you can track your up-to-date order status. You can find the “TRACK” button in the e-mail you received after submitting your order. Should you have further questions about your order please send an email to shop@petrity.com to get further information.

Can I send feedback?
We appreciate all feedback and we are happy to get them. Please send it to shop@petrity@com.

What are your rules for returning products?
For products purchased on the webshop you have the right to return them for 14 days for any reason without explanation. You can find further information about returning products here.

Is it possible to put my initials on the bag?
Yes, we are striving to make our products even more personal and during the purchase you can specify your initials and we put it on the bag as a gift to our customers. More information about this process.

How can I order a unique bag?
We keep improving our services and we want you to have the perfect piece. If you want your bag to be completely unique please send us an email to (shop@petrity.com) where we can give you further information.