About us



PETRITY has been founded in 2012. In the beginning, it was a self-made brand, and as such, it quickly gained recognition among women. The brand’s designer, Dorka Petrity, graduated with a degree in economics. She started to build her bag-empire during her years at the university and has not stopped since. Dorka uses her designs as a form of self-expression, therefore her goal is to create classic, high quality pieces in a reasonable price.

“When I look back at my previous collections, I can always recall what my spiritual state was like at that specific time. It is like a mirror effect. There are no exact lookalike pieces, nor similar conceptions. However, all my bags follow the same base idea.”

Our products are made of high quality materials, and carefully selected leather from the best suppliers. The main aspect in our business is to provide the perfect bag for every individual. What makes our bags stand out is the detachable clutch on the front of the bags. All of our clutches are compatible with every model in our repertoire, thus the customers are able to create personalized pieces according to their taste.

“The idea of the detachable clutch hit my mind during a dog walk. I did not want to carry a huge bag with myself, and just realized how much easier it would be if I could just take the necessary stuff but without having to pack my things from one bag to another. The next day I designed the very first prototype of the detachable envelope bag, and I carry it around ever since.”

As we see it, great customer service is one of the most important uprights of our company. Our goal is to make our customers feel like a part of the team, since the collections can only be finished with them: to make the bags even more personal, we are happy to offer monogrammed pieces for special request. On the one hand, our designs are classy and high quality, and on the other hand, they are totally personalized, in order to help everyone find the one which matches her style.

“I am proud to say that I recognize most of my customers by name. There is no better feeling than seeing or meeting the women I design the bags for. During most of these meetings, we are able to exchange great ideas, to gather inspiration, or just to have a good chat with one another. My ambition is to create individual, high fashion pieces, and help women find the one which matches their style perfectly.



About the team

Dorka Petrity – the designer


“My brand is my universe. These bags saved my life. I see myself as an honest person, and believe that we should not base our whole life on the expectations of others. My purpose is to make something extraordinary and timeless, furthermore to manage a fashion brand that I can be proud of. At 20, when I founded my brand, I did not really know how to run and develop it at first, but a few years later I came to a realization that it grew into me so much, that it became my whole life. Nevertheless, I am very proud to have a team of talented, hard working people working with me, who love what they are doing with all of their hearts. It is needless to say that they are very passionate about the brand, just like me.”

Livia Szomolányi – sales manager